Funk You – Berlin


Whilst looking for good places to eat as a coeliac in Berlin, I saw ‘Funk you’ get mentioned. We thought we would pay it a visit for a late lunch on one occasion.
Finding it was a bit of a struggle, as did not realise it would be inside a shopping mall (Bikini Berlin) once in there we walked along and noticed it was a pop up type place in the middle.

It was a quirky looking location covered in plants and nice seating. You could see out of the main window into the zoo.
There was so much choice on the menu it was hard to know what to have. We opted to try a juice, as they sounded amazing. Both of us going for the Cacaoflow, and a couple of their ‘cakes’. Having a ‘home made’ gluten free version of a Snickers and a bounty, was great!

All of the products on the menu seem to be a decent price, and good price. They are not ‘cheap’ by any means but are, if compared to buying gluten free products back home in the U.K.

The Cacaoflows were amazing, gone far too quickly. As were the ‘chocolate bars’. The bounty one was both of our favourites, both of them tasted very similar to the real things.

I would thoroughly recommend Funk you to other passing coeliacs. Delicious juices and cakes.
I will be back!


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