Retro Corn – Rhubard & Custard

Free From Products

Retro CornEver the watchful hawk at spotting new products to quiet my sweet cravings down, I spotted a promotional display near the tills of ‘Retro Corn’ in a large local Co-op.

I bought a selection of different flavours in my excitement.

These are all listed as gluten free (believe all suitable for vegans as well)

I love popcorn, and I love sweets. The packet is quirky and nice that it is easy to spot they are gluten free.

Unfortunately the taste left a lot to be desired. The majority of the pieces tasted like plain popcorn.  Occasionally there would be a sweet tasting one, but I wouldn’t think ‘oh that tasted like rhubarb & custard’

I’m afraid these were a bit of a disappointment, and I will not be recommening or buyiing this flavour again.

Will see what the others taste like in due course!


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