The Lion – Leavenheath

Eating Out, Gluten free

Being a coeliac and dairy intolerant, can make eating a complete pain what with having to find food that is gluten, wheat and dairy free.

Quite often restaurants say they can cater for me, but when it comes to it. I end up with a normal dish minus all the gluten containing ingredients (often leading to some rather dull meals)

Being a big food lover, I am always on the hunt for places that go above, and beyond expectations for those with dietary requirements. The Lion is definitely one of those places. Set in lots of beautiful countryside, not too far from Colchester, it is one of the best places I have been to as a Coeliac.

Booking a table is nice and easy, with being able to do it by phone or online on their website. If booking online there is a section where I wrote coeliac and dairy intolerant.

Turning up, there is lots of parking and a separate bar to get a drink whilst you wait.

Every time I have been to the lion, I have had a lovely chap (believe he must be owner/landlord) who has given me the gluten free menu and then gone through each dish and explained what I could have, or what could be changed to make it dairy free. He knows every bit of his menu and exactly what it contains, really makes you feel relaxed that there isn’t going to be some ‘forgotten’ gluten ingredient.


I still find it bizarre to have so much to choose from, and it’s definitely a novelty to not just have the option of a steak or a salad!

Every dish I have had here has been beautifully presented, and tasted just as good as it looked. There is nothing I can find fault with. With food and service being spot on.

There’s even dessert options which is fantastic, if there is room left after starters and mains!


Absolutely brilliant pub, and fantastic for a coeliac, to have somebody who knows their menu so well whigh really dodd gI’ve confidence in eating there.

A place I will continue to go to, and one I wouldn’t fail to recommend.



3 thoughts on “The Lion – Leavenheath

  1. I drive past this place regularly and have seen the sign outside advertising the ‘gluten free menu’ but have yet to go in! – this post has just put visiting here on the top of my to do list!


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