Vegas – Fish & Chips – Hunstanton

Eating Out


Meals out for those of us who are Coeliacs or gluten free can be a nightmare, eating out ‘on the go’ is even worse.

Fast food is not something that tends to come with many options for dietary requirements. So you can imagine my surprise whilst trawling through trip advisor reviews to come across a fish and chip shop said to be great for coeliacs. Naturally, I had to go and see for myself.

After the long search for the place, I was a bit taken aback that it looked like any standard seaside fish and chip shop. No obvious signage at their ability to cater for me. I was not expecting much. Upon walking in there was an allergen list by the door.

I then went and spoke to a staff member who was extremely helpful. I opted for a portion of chips and a battered sausage, all of which are done in separate fryers (with a gluten free batter) to ensure they’re gluten free.

To top off the gluten free order, they offered me gluten free vinegar!

I was so impressed by this place. Well worth a trip up to Norfolk to enjoy a good Coeliac friendly fish and chips, by the sea.




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