Nutri-Brex – Coconut & Rice

Free From Products

Anybody that knows me will have realised quickly, how much of a cereal monster I truly am.

This obviously meant that a diagnosis as a coeliac felt horrendous for me. When I was first diagnosed, and traipsing the ‘half of a shelf’ that gave me the most minimal options for cereal. I wa left feeling disheartened that I would spend forever pining after the shelves of delicious cereal, that I could no longer eat.

2016 has brought many new ranges of cereal, one of which was a new Nutri-Brex flavour; Coconut & Crispy Rice.

I haven’t found these in every shop, but large Tescos tend to have them. They aren’t cheap, compared to non free from alternatives (but who isn’t used to that by now) however they are a good price for a free from version, and there is lots in a box.

I was so excited about these that I took a few nibbles of one dry….not that great. Once in a bowl with some milk (whatever milk you choose to have in cereal, if dairy free) or some Soya yoghurt, these are amazing!


The coconut is a strong flavour, but not overpowering. There is a subtle hint of cinnamon and the rice gives a nice crunch. I cannot stop munching these. They are delicious with sliced banana.

There is a suggestion on the back of the box to try them blended up in a smoothie, which I will definitely be trying!



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