The Wooden Fender – Colchester

Eating Out

A hunt for gluten free places produced ‘The Wooden Fender’.

Located in Colchester Road, Ardleigh, Colchester. The Wooden Fender was not too difficult to get to, or find. They had a large car park, and so parking was not an issue.

Inside the pub there were some old features that gave the place character. Everybody working in there seemed very friendly.

A separate gluten free menu was quickly brought over, with lots of different options. There were even options for a bread basket or bread and dipping oils!

Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling very hungry, so I opted for just a main course. A few of the options were not possible to do dairy free. However the sausages and mash were possible.

I was a little concerned that I was going to end up with some cheap free from sausages and dry mash. What I got brought were some amazing sausages. Bursting with flavour and meat. Delicious mash, and lots of flavoursome gravy.

The plate was very deceptive, and definitely held a lot more food than I originally thought. I left one very happy, and full coeliac!



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