Gallacher’s – Leigh on sea

Eating Out

Whilst trawling through places online that say they can cater gluten free, I came across Gallacher’s smokehouse bar and grill.

Having read the reviews for the place I was quite excited to go and check it out.

Parking could potentially be an issue depending on times, as it is based on the main road. Going fairly late in the evening, during the week, there was no issues.


Turning up to the place we thought it was closed, as it didn’t look very open. However walking in we were greeted with a nicely decorated place and friendly waiting staff.

The menu was all in one, with a big sign stating that the majority of their meals are gluten free. There were a few things that were not, but they said that they could change things slightly so I could have even more.


After perusing the menu (for quite a long time) I decided upon their classic burger with bacon and baby back ribs (without their normal sauce and done in hoisin sauce) all in a gluten free bun.

The food came out well presented, and looked delicious. To make things even better, it tasted as good as it looked (if not more so)


The chips were really good, and the burger, ribs and bacon combo were fantastic. It was also amazing to get a gluten free bun that held together and didn’t just disitegrate in my hands.

I will most certainly be going back, and many times at that.



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