Valsoia Chocolate & Cream Soya Ice Cream

Free From Products


This year has been a good year for companies bringing out new free from ice creams.

I’ve definitely eaten far too much of it this Summer. Unfortunately for my waist size I have just come across this make on Ocado.

There were a couple of different flavours, but I opted for the chocolate and cream.

Inside were two halves. One side chocolate and one side the ‘cream’. I was expecting a tough ice cream so shoved my spoon in with some force, to be pleasantly surprised that it’s creamy texture scooped up easily.


My bowl of ice cream unfortunately lasted a very short amount of time. It was so deliciously soft and creamy. It was gone in seconds.

The chocolate flavour had small bits in it, which gave it an interesting texture. The ‘cream’ flavour reminded me a little of getting Mr Whippy ice creams when I was a child.

A fantastic dairy (and gluten) free ice cream. Completely different to any other options available.



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