Ginger Nut Biscuits – Tesco

Free From Products

Tesco have been bringing out lots of new delicious items in their free from range. The best bit is them adding better labelling onto their packaging.

It’s great that they’ve added the milk free labelling onto their free from labels. It makes it so much easier!

Whilst having a strong craving for some plain digestives, I couldn’t find any. So settled for some of these ginger nut biscuits, to try and stem my biscuit cravings.

These biscuits were light, and crunchy. Just the right amount of ginger, gave them a good kick of flavour. 

The biscuits are very high in sugar, and taste wise could probably do with less (and it’s a rarity for me to say that, with my sweet tooth) 
Overall, a good biscuit to snack on that is free from gluten and dairy. They’d be great crumbled up on some ice cream! 


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