Alpro Go On Yoghurt Mango

Free From Products

When it comes do dairy free yoghurt choices, I feel there has been few options for far too long.

Alpro have been ahead of the game, and have given a few tasty alternatives. But compared to the dairy aisle full of delicious looking options, I’ve always been left a little disheartened with my choice of 1 or 2 flavours (if I was lucky!)

Recently whilst scouring Ocado, I came across the Alpro Go On yoghurt pots. With a number of different flavours these were individual serving yoghurt pots with a fruit section and a yoghurt section.

I’ve tried a number of the flavours (several times) and they are all delicious. The mango one is probably my favourite.The  yoghurt is smooth and creamy which constrasts well with the sharpness of the mango.

It’s fantastic as a pick me up on my early mornings before lunch. 
They aren’t exactly cheap, but Ocado often have offers on. Also what free from products are?!


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