Alpro Cashew Original

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Coeliacs disease is bad enough but add an intolerance to cows milk, it’s even worse.

I have really tried with soya milk, and other alternatives. But they just aren’t the same, and whilst they work in tea’s etc. Cereal just isn’t great with soya milk.

I decided to give cashew milk a try. The first thing I tried it in, was a hot chocolate.

My first try of it, I found it a bit unusual and wasn’t so sure, as it added a slightly nutty taste to the drink. However I’ve since fallen in love with it. 

It tastes amazing in hot chocolate, giving a thick, creamy hot chocolate that tastes delicious. 

Since then I’ve started having it with muesli, which it goes with brilliantly. It’s thick and creamy enough to mean you don’t just have a bowl full of watery nuttiness. It’s taste is not overpowering, but gives a subtle flavour that works well with what it is put with.

I’m still not sold on other alternatives. But Alpro’s Cashew milk is a fantastic solution.


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