The Hare At Roxwell

Eating Out

I’m on a mission this year to not get stuck in a rut with repeatedly eating at the same places, as I know they’re ‘safe’.

I came across reviews for The Hare on TripAdvisor. With numerous comments on how they catered for gluten free/coeliacs.

Seeing as it was a fairly local place, I decided to pay ‘The Hare’ a visit on a Sunday for dinner. I turned up on the off chance hoping that they would have a table available. 

First impressions of the pub were good! The pub is situation in a fab location, looking out over lots of fields. However it’s still located close to Chelmsford, so not in the middle of nowhere, and there was lots of parking.

Inside the pub it is well decorated with old chairs and cushions etc. Giving the whole pub a ‘comfortable’ country feel.

I mentioned that I was coeliac and needed a gluten free menu and was brought this:

The roast pork was my immediate choice, but I was pleasantly surprised to see all the items on offer.

There were a few things the waiting staff were a little unsure on, and had to go check with the chef but the seperate menu definitely made things easier.

Whilst waiting for dinner they brought out some warm gluten free bread

This is always a pleasant surprise when I get given an extra like this. Hopefully at some point, places will also have a dairy free butter alternative.

Next was the roast dinner:

Some delicious crackling, roast potatoes and pork.

I was extremely happy with my meal, and left full up and satisfied. Unfortunately there was no room to even look at the dessert menu.

But I did notice that they offer a range of gluten free breakfast items. Which I would definitely like to go back and try.

Overall a nice pub, with a variety of gluten free options.


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