Greene Farm Gluten Free Stuffed Turkey Breast – Review

Free From Products

Exciting sandwich fillings are one of those things that are limited for coeliacs & dairy intolerant people…. but they shouldn’t be?!

I always feel saddened when I see packets of meats with stuffing. I miss stuffing!!! 

Whilst browsing for interesting things to try from Ocado I came across the Greene Farm products. Specifically their turkey breast with stuffing. 

It received mixed reviews on Ocado, but I decided to give it a try seeing as it was gluten and dairy free. 

Ocado listed a pack as having three servings. I can’t really see that as being true as I used one pack as filling two rolls. Two servings is probably more right (as I did stuff the rolls full)

The stuffing doesn’t look particularly ‘stuffing’ like. It was very round. However it did taste great. The turkey was tender, and worked well with the subtle tasting stuffing. It made a really nice sandwich filling but would be great in a salad or as a cold meat in a dish.

Definitely something different for coeliacs to have. Thank you Greene Farm!! 

A huge thumbs up from me.


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