Bacon & Maple Syrup Sausages – Review

Free From Products

Gone are the days that coeliacs have to buy the expensive, frozen sausages that are in the free from sections. 

Most supermarkets are starting to stock ranges that are gluten free, but Asda’s are starting to really come into their own when it comes to sausages.

Their latest flavour on offer, is Bacon & Maple syrup. Being the huge bacon lover that I am,  this definitely got me excited. Quite a few packets found their way into my basket, and then straight into the oven when I got home.

The smell as these were cooking was delightful. However this was nothing compared to the taste…. the taste of these sausages is like eating sausages wrapped in bacon. They are fantastic!!

One of the best flavours I have tried. I’ve eaten far too many of these since coming upon them. The bonus with them being in the standard aisle instead of gluten free, is the price. It’s nice to pay normal prices!!


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