The Too good to be gluten free pork pie – Review

Free From Products

I’ve been on a hunt to try new products, to try and get out of the gluten free rut I had got myself in. It’s far too easy to think that we cannot eat anything good once diagnosed, but there are now so many products now in the shops that we shouldn’t settle for plain old salads!

Whilst hunting Sainsbury’s for new products, I came across a pork pie made by ‘Too good to be gluten free’.

I can’t say I was ever a huge fan of pork pies before I was diagnosed. But unfortunately all of the other products in the range seemed to have dairy in.So I thought I would give the pork pie a go.

The pork pie comes in a cute little box. It is the perfect size to fit in lunch boxes, handbags etc.

The pastry did not have the look of  the standard type of pastry that coeliacs are often left with (anemic, dry and crumbling).

The ‘Too good to be gluten free’ pork pie, was a good size, covered in a crispy great tasting pastry. 

The pork was well seasoned, and their was not too much jelly between meat and pastry.

A great tasting pork pie, and one that looks more handmade than shop bought. 


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