Cha Cha -Berlin – Review


I am trying really hard to be adventurous with food, exploring new places. However this is not a simple task for coeliacs. 

There is always the worry that the restaurant just doesn’t actually understand and feed gluten anyway, or there is the risk of cross contamination. Even if all of these issues are avoided, there is the chance that once all gluten containing dishes are ruled out, there is a single meal choice of a plain salad or worse yet, nothing.

This is probably how I got myself into a bit of a ‘rut’ eating at the same places, repeatedly, because I know I can trust them.

Travelling abroad poses a bit of challenge, as new places have to be found, and there is sometimes a different language to deal with as well.

I love Berlin, and have found that eating gluten free has been easy to achieve. 

Cha Cha was an online find, and I was so pleased I came across it, as I’ve never been to a Thai restaurant before. 

Easy to find and get to, very close to a U-Bahn stop.

The allergen menu is easy to read, a lot of the dishes have coconut milk/cream as opposed to dairy alternatives.

The food and drinks came out quickly, there were no issues with regards to the gluten and dairy free. 

I opted for the Massaman curry again, which was delicious. Consisting of a really filling beef casserole type curry, with a beautiful, thick coconut sauce.

Service was quick especially considering the amount of how busy it was.

A good place to visit if a coeliac or dairy intolerant, and on a trip to Berlin.


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