@Twenty5 – Ipswich Review

Eating Out

For my birthday this year I decided I wanted to find somewhere to eat that I could have most the stuff on the menu.

As a coeliac and intolerant to cows milk, this was a huge ask, but ever the optimist I had a hunt on tripadvisor for restaurants being mentioned as good for coeliacs and dairy free.

I fancied something a bit more than a pub, and whilst hunting came across @Twenty5.

There were several mentions on tripadvisor of the restaurants ability to cater to allergens/dietary requirements. When calling up and making a reservation, we advised that one of us was a coeliac and dairy intolerant. 

The location is very central, and easy to get to. This does mean that parking could be a slight issue. However there is some street parking, and a small pay & display carpark opposite. We had no issues parking, and found a spot in the street.

The restaurant itself has two floors, with only a few tables on the ground floor. We were seated on this floor and it was nice to not feel ‘crammed in’. 

First look was at the wine list, I’m not a great fan of French white wines and find these often cause me to feel unwell. I generally prefer German and spanish ones. There was one Spanish wine on the list, and we opted for a bottle of this. It was a lovely wine, and I really enjoyed the bottle!! But it would be nice to have some German ones on offer.

The chef then came over and went through the main menu and specials, one by one. Telling me what she could change on each dish to enable me to have it.

These changes were not just removing the item I couldn’t eat. But offers of using a soya cream alternative, or gluten free tagliatelle etc. 

I’ve never been given so much choice on a menu. I’ve also never felt as reassured as I did, that my dietary requirements were truly understood. 

It was a unique experience to have had the chef come out and go through the menu with me. 

In the end (after much deliberation) I settled for a beetroot and goats cheese salad starter. Pork belly for my mains, and just because I could….. a side of onion rings!!!!

The starters came out quickly, and was presented beautifully. It tasted just as good as it looked.

The mains followed shortly after, presented in the same beautiful manner. The dishes were just the right size, but even so I still struggled to finish my meal (perhaps I shouldn’t have ordered the onion rings as well)


I was then advised that there was a dessert I could have that wasn’t a sorbet!!! 

In fact for coeliacs there are multiple gluten free dessert options. Unfortunately the dairy intolerance meant I couldn’t try these. However the offer of some dairy free ice cream for dessert, meant I managed to find some extra room (somehow).

I’m going to have to apologise to my previous gluten free ‘haunts’ & favourites. But @twenty5 excelled themselves. 

There needs to be more advertisement on their ability to cater to coeliacs. I haven’t been able to stop talking about them since my visit. 

A perfect birthday meal, and an absolute experience for a coeliac!


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