Review: Delamere dairy goats cheese in bacon

Free From Products

Getting diagnosed as a coeliac is hard enough, add an intolerance to cows milk is even worse.

The majority of the time I eat dairy free, as most products containing dairy are from cows milk. 

Prior to finding out about this intolerance I was an avid cheese eater, milk drinker, ice cream eater and lover of most dairy products.

Luckily for me I can have goat and sheep milk which means I can still enjoy some alternative versions, despite there being less options available to me.

My last Ocado order contained lots of new items to try. The Delamere dairy, goats cheese in bacon was one of them.

You can never go wrong with bacon and cheese, so I was super excited to try cheese wrapped in bacon.

It wasn’t exactly cheap, but well worth it for an occasional treat.

I decided to grill them as opposed to frying. They were quick to grill, although part way through, did burst open and leak some of their cheese. 

I had them with some Aviko sweet potato fries. There was a large amount of cheese and bacon, so we’re actually quite filling.

They would make a delicious starter for somebody who can’t have cows milk. Especially as they’re something not normally purchaseable without cows milk.

I’m planning on purchasing a few more on my next order, as they were just delicious.


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