Review: Rewe Muesli (Berlin)

Free From Products, Holidays

Holidays abroad, pose all kinds of problems for those with dietary requirements. 

However trips to Berlin cause me no food worries at all. In fact I’ve always eaten well out there and find there’s a good selection in multiple shops.

I am a bit of a cereal monster, I love it. So I was very excited to see Rewe had a selection of cereals. One of which was their own range muesli.

There are lots of varieties of gluten free muesli. But often these are all containing very similar items and not as exciting or good as the gluten alternatives.

Rewe’s version had big chunks of all sorts of fruits, there’s also flakes, rice crispie type puffs and lots of other bits inside. I’ve had this muesli with both soya milk and cashew milk and both work well. 

This is by far the best gluten free muesli I’ve had, I had to bring a box home with me and feeling saddened that I’ve almost run out.

The box is fairly large, and a lot cheaper than alternatives back in the U.K. 

Definitely worth grabbing a box if you ever visit Berlin and want something to eat in the morning.


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