Review: Tesco Garlic Dough Balls

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I’m of the belief that you can never have enough garlic (work colleagues probably disagree with me on that one)

You can imagine my pure excitement when I came across gluten, wheat & dairy free garlic dough balls!

In the past I’ve managed to find a few garlic baguettes that were free from gluten and dairy, but am often left saddened when I find minimal garlic on them. So am left with a baguette with a hint of garlic.

I was delighted to open the garlic dough balls and find a tray full of garlic ‘butter’.

The dough balls cook from frozen and are handily already in a foil tray.

Removing the dough balls from the oven showed how much garlic ‘butter’ they had. It had all melted leaving the dough balls sat in a large amount.

I’ve never had standard dough balls, so was not entirely sure what to expect and can’t compare them.

But these were absolutely delicious!! The balls had soaked up lots of the melted butter, and there was enough left to pour over the top of them, for extra garlic goodness. The dough balls were soft, ‘light’ and not crispy and dry, as we often get with gluten free.


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