Review: Henleys fish & chips – Wivenhoe (Colchester)

Eating Out, Free From Products

I’m not a fish lover, but chips from a fish & chip shop always go down a treat.

I was so excited when I came across Vegas in Hunstanton, Norfolk. Unfortunately living in Essex, I can’t just pop up their on an evening. 

Whilst googling gluten free places, I found a mention of a fish & chip shop that could cater to gluten free. After a bit more research, and giving them a call I found out that they can do gluten free battered sausages, as well fish & chips.

The gluten free order needed to be given with some notice, as they have to put the seperate fryer on. They do seem to really understand coeliacs and avoiding cross contamination etc.

The gluten free order was wrapped up separately from the rest, and was clearly marked with gluten free stickers to avoid any confusion.

The portion was just the right size, and the batter on the sausage was deliciously crispy. I devoured the whole plateful, and it was good to not be worrying if I was going to be unknowingly glutened.


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