Review: Mrs Crimbles Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix

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Firstly please accept my apologies for my quietness over the holiday season.

It has been rather hectic, but I have continued to try new products and come up with new ideas to cook/bake.

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year as I get frowned at, a lot less for consuming large amounts of stuffing. I love stuffing, and there were a number of years since my coeliacs diagnosis  to finding gluten free versions. So I am obviously attempting to make up for lost time.

Christmas 2016, brought a large selection of gluten free stuffing options. 

Sainsbury’s had joints available to order, that were stuffed with gluten free stuffing.

Tesco’s and Asda both had lots of gluten free stuffing options in their standard chilled aisle.

There were also a number of stuffing packet mixes, which I picked up a few of.

This review is for Mrs Crimbles version. There are some recipe ideas on the back, as well as straight forwards recipe for making the stuffing.

I liked the packet these came in, as take up much less room than boxes in the cupboard.

The recipe was straight forwards and easy to follow. Only bits extra that were needed were hot water and oil (it says to use vegetable oil, I used olive)

The mix smells amazing straight out of the packet. Full of herbs and onions, it’s quite a ‘lumpy’ mix. As opposed to an alternative mix I had recently which was powdery.

I found this gave it, a good texture once cooked. But did mean that it was harder to stop the mixture falling apart as appeared more crumbly.

I used the stuffing in a stuffed peppers recipe (will post this up later) and so did not put the stuffing into balls etc.

The stuffing was amazing. The large bits added to the texture, and there was a perfect amount of herbs and onion to the mix. The stuffing was flavoursome, without being overpowering.

An extremely easy stuffing mix to make, with an amazing flavour. It was reasonably priced as well.

I hope shops continue to sell it throughout the year, as I will be an avid buyer.


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