Recipe: Chorizo & Stuffing stuffed peppers

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I have just written a review on Mrs Crimbles Sage & Onion stuffing mix.

Fancying something different (and as if eaten stuffing nearly every day for a week) I used this mix to make some stuffed peppers

These stuffed peppers were never designed to be a healthy alternative, but a great comfort food!

Containing stuffing, goats cheese and chorizo they are extremely flavoursome!


  • Mrs Crimbles Sage & Onion stuffing mix 
  • Olive oil and hot water for stuffing mix
  • 1 x Chorizo
  •  Pot of soft goats cheese 
  • 6 peppers


  1. The mix is quick and easy to make, only extras needed are oil and hot water (I used olive oil)
  2. Once the mix was made, I allowed it to sit whilst I cut up a whole chorizo. (I love chorizo, however will point out that some versions do contain milk! So ensure you always check the ingredients, before using)
  3. Once the chorizo was thinly sliced, and chopped up I mixed 3/4 of it into the stuffing mix. 
  4. Cut off top of peppers and hollow them out
  5. Line the base of the peppers with remaining chorizo slices
  6. Full just under half (depending on size of pepper) with the cheese
  7. Fill rest of pepper with stuffing, ensuring it is pushed into the pepper well, before placing pepper lids back on
  8.  Place in oven at gas mark 5 for 45mins (or until peppers are wrinkly and stuffing appears cooked) 
  9. Remove pepper lids and place in oven for 10 more minutes to allow stuffing to crisp up further

I used the following cheese:

This does make the recipe not dairy free I am afraid. I am intolerant to cows milk, so goat/sheep etc alternatives are fine for me. If looking for an complete dairy free alternative, Sainsbury’s do a vegan spreadable cheese (although have not tried this)


I have to say, these were ridiculously filling. I couldn’t manage all three, despite attempts to.

The moisture from peppers and cheese, as well as oils from chorizo does mean the stuffing doesn’t crisp up as much as it would usually.

I will play around with cooking times and possibly keeping chorizo as a seperate layer from stuffing. 

But these peppers were a hit, and so quick and easy to prepare!!


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