Review: Tesco Free From White Chocolate

Free From Products

Sometimes I can’t decide if I struggle more with my coeliacs or the dairy intolerance.

I love chocolate, cheese, milk, ice cream and other dairy products so much!!

I have to hold my hands up and admit I can be a bit of a comfort eater. After a bad day, nothing beats having a delicious chocolate bar.

Unfortunately, of dairy intolerant the choice is limited. The limited choice, is also definitely not of a similar standard!!

My most recent free from chocolate purchase, was from Tesco. Tescos new packaging, is really well labelled showing what is gluten free & dairy free.

They have a selection of their own brand chocolate bars, which are not cheap (and unfortunately don’t come in large) but they are at least trying!

The white chocolate bar, is small. Not getting a great deal of chocolate for the money it costs…..however it’s chocolate that isn’t going to make me regret eating it!!

The packaging is clearly labelled that it is gluten, wheat and milk free. Once opened, it looks to be of a similar size and thickness to a milky bar.

The bar itself is very sweet, probably extremely unhealthy (I didn’t look at the contents) but it was a good treat!!

It’s not quite a cadburys twirl bar. But it’s a good tasting chocolate bar, and fairly decent white chocolate.

I hope Tescos continue to expand on their free from chocolate range! 


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