Review: Whittard Sleepy Tea

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Nothing beats a good cup of tea, however when you’re trying to be good and avoid caffeine you’re left trying to find other tasty options.

I can’t say I’m an avid lover of most fruit tea bags. So I’m often looking for tea’s on the more ‘unusual side’.

I do enjoy a good chamomile tea, and with my back problems often leading to frequent struggles to get some sleep.

 A tea that helps me drift off, is definitely appreciated!

Whittards do a large variety of unusual, and interesting tea’s. I have found some of my favourites from them.

But I am always looking to try new ones!

Whittards do tea in style. Everything is beautifully presented, and their sleepy tea is no different.

The packaging is attractive all the way through.

The tea itself has a spiced sort of smell, rather unusual. This becomes a lot stronger once brewed.

It’s an odd smell, certainly not one that I’ve ever linked to tea’s before. This is much like the taste….. it is certainly not sweet, and I don’t believe it would suit having sugar in it. 

But once over the initial shock of this bizarre flavoured tea, you can get used to it.

What I did like about this tea, is that it did help me fall asleep!  I fell asleep quickly, and slept well.

I can’t say I’d drink this tea constantly, I have such a sweet tooth. But this is an amazing tea for helping bring on sleep, when you’re struggling.

The best bit about this tea is that it’s not full of caffeine, or sugars or other unnatural flavours.

But lots of natural herbs, which are perfect for assisting on sleepless nights.


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