Review: Merry Moos Selection Box

Free From Products

This review is a little bit delayed, and unfortunately I don’t know if Moo chocolates will continue to do these out of the Christmas season.

Christmas can be difficult to those of us that are Coeliacs or dairy intolerant (or vegan for that matter). There are so many amazing looking goodies available at Christmas time, that we can often be left feeling disappointed. 

But yes….. finally those of us needing dairy free, do not have to feel left out!!

For Christmas, I got bought this delicious chocolate selection box containing four of Moo chocolates flavours.

Moo chocolate label their packaging clearly. I’ve always loved their ‘no dairy’ label. But it is clearly labelled up as gluten, dairy and gm free, as well as suitable for vegans.

In the box were the flavours; ‘Cheeky Orange’, ‘Bunnycomb bar’, ‘Lily-Lu’s Minty Moo’, ‘Original’.

I chose to eat the orange one first, as I’ve never been a massive fan of orange flavoured chocolate. However the Moo chocolates version of orange chocolate is completely different from how I remember ‘dairy full’ versions of orange chocolates and actually pretty good!!

The original flavour is already a favourite of mine, and I love to keep a bar to hand. So of course this one went down very well!

I had not had the mint bar before, and this was amazingly good. A good flavour of mint, without being over the top. 

The chocolate is light, and not sickly. It’s far too easy to eat a lot of this chocolate, whatever flavour it comes in.

Moo chocolate is a saviour for me for dairy free chocolate, and I will always recommend it to anybody needing an alternative to standard chocolate.


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