Review: Tesco Chocolate Sponge Mix

Free From Products

I don’t tend to buy ‘kits’ for baking, as I love creating my own recipes. However I feel obliged to of course try these new offerings!

Tescos chocolate sponge mix, is a fairly easy kit to bake a cake short notice. Only other ingredients needed are some eggs, and a dairy free butter (I used Vitalite).

I do feel like there could have been marginally more mix in this pack. But it did split between two tins (just about)

There was not a huge amount of rise from the mix, once out of the oven they were two fairly thin halves. However once cooled I filled the cake with a chocolate icing. Before covering the outside in the same icing.

I’m not entirely sure how great the cake would be without a decent filling. But with the chocolate icing, this made a beautifully ‘gooey’ cake. 

It did need a fork to eat, as was so soft and ‘gooey’ with the chocolate icing. But the results were more than pleasing, especially since it came from a packet.

This was a last minute bake to take into work before a night shift, it went down well and as it is so rich, it goes far!!

Definitely a good product to keep in the cupboard, and worth buying if baking is not your forte!!


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