Review: Glebe farm strawberry oat granola crisp

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Anybody that knows me knows my love for cereal, I just can’t get enough of the stuff. When I was first diagnosed with Coeliacs the choice was extremely limited and consisted of flakes, corn flakes, special flakes, etc. Slowly, but surely the range is increasing (finally)

I was first introduced to Glebe farm by a fantastic host at an airbnb in Norfolk. There is a range of different cereals, all come in handy resealable pouches.

I love strawberry tasting foods. This granola came with lots of crispy bits which were delicious (and not overly sweet) the strawberry bits were delicious. Unfortunately there were also some black dried fruits which where bitter, almost solid and not very nice.

I had to pick these bits out and bin them, I’m wondering if I got a bad batch? As I’ve had further bags which havent had this issue and have been delicious 

These are not cheap, and only come in the small pouches (from Ocado anyway) but I find they last well enough if mixing with some corn flakes etc.

A constant regular in my basket when shopping from Ocado, I just wish other supermarkets would stock Glebe farm products.

Definitely recommend!

Update on this post, I’ve unfortunately had a further bag with the dried fruit that were hard and some very burnt.

Having tried alternatives, I think I will be giving the strawberry one a miss now before I break my teeth.


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