Review: Neals Yard Gluten Free Muesli

Free From Products

I remember when I first got diagnosed with coeliacs, Holland & Barrett was a place I could go to and buy items other than the standard vacuum packed ‘bread’, and cornflakes most supermarkets ranges consisted of.

However supermarkets now have much better ranges (and are cheaper) so it’s been a while since I’ve been to one. I went for a nose when in town a while ago and was left disappointed.

They appear to have stopped all their gluten, dairy free cheesecakes and I couldn’t find the goats milk ice cream I used to get.

There were a few expensive biscuits and cakes and a couple of cereal items. Of course I picked up a bag of muesli, the fact that it was sold in a 1kg bag was fab! Much better size than the alternatives elsewhere.

I love the fact that it has all different sorts of flakes in this muesli.

Unfortunately I was left disappointed. The walnuts were rancid, not sure if they’d gone bad for this batch or if it’s just poor quality nuts they use in general.

A lot of the flakes were dry and tasteless.

I’ve quite a sweet tooth and this cereal just left a dry, rancid taste in my mouth. Occasionally sweetened by a raisin.

Well done for providing a decent sized bag, just unfortunate it does not taste great!

Will not be buying again.


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