Review: Tesco Golden Syrup Pancakes

Free From Products

Tesco’s free from range is now easily marked up, to show what products are free from.

These pancakes are easy to spot as being gluten, wheat and milk free. 

The pancakes are also freezable, so easy to keep some in the freezer as a handy snack.

The pancakes come in a pack of six. They are thick, and actually hold together well. The golden syrup flavour is not too strong, there is just a hint of it. However I have found they are not too sweet to have with jam.

I love pancakes, and these are definitely no different. Cheaper than other branded versions, Tesco’s have produced a nice tasting product.

I tend to have mine coated in lots of dairy free butter (Vitalite), but have recently tried them with alternative toppings.

An amazing one, was bacon and maple syrup. Not healthy, but amazingly good.

Review: Rule of Crumb Chicken Goujons

Free From Products

I came across Rule Of Crumb products whilst browsing Ocado. 

They do a range of frozen items, which are great for when you need a quick meal.

I’m not personally a fan of products such as chicken nuggets, as tend to find the meat doesn’t taste great. However I thought I’d give these a go.

Clearly marked up as suitable for Coeliacs, although in a rather later box for what’s in it. I’ve generally had about two-three meals out of one of these boxes.

Cooking wise, I find they tend to take longer than the packet states but then I’m always very wary of chicken.

The batter is crispy and doesn’t burn too easily, so the chicken does cook enough before the batter reaches its over cooked state. 

Overall these are a perfect for keeping in the freezer for a quick and easy meal.

They taste great, and aren’t too expensive for how many you get.

Definitely worth getting if you’re putting in an Ocado order!

Review: Kellogg’s Puffed Corn Cereal

Free From Products

Cornflakes, fibre flakes and special flakes can all get a bit boring after a while.

I came across this offering on Ocado, from Kellogg’s which is puffed corn.

Possibly not for those people who aren’t fans of sweet things, as these are definitely sweet.

Not particularly great value as the box is very small for the cost, unfortunately.

However, I love these!

I treat myself to them occasionally, because they are really good. Being puffed corn, the taste is quite different. They’re quite light, and yet don’t go soggy like cornflakes do once in milk (or milk alternatives)

A brilliant option from Kellogg’s, although I’ve not found them for sale anywhere other than Ocado yet.

Well worth getting for the occasional treat, just wish it was a bigger box!!

Review: Glebe Farm Maple & Banana Oat Granola Crisp

Free From Products

Yes I know, another review on cereal!!
But what can I say, I am a total cereal monster. The increased range of cereals on offer for coeliacs, gives me a great excuse to try more!

Another Glebe farm version is their banana and maple syrup granola. This also comes in their handy resealable pouch.

The smell is deliciously syrupy when the packet is opened. 

This isn’t really the same as gluten alternatives. However was brilliant all the same.

Consisting of rice crispies type bits, flakes,oats and banana pieces. This was a nice varied ‘granola’.

The taste is quite sweet with all of the syrup, but as they only come in a small pouch I always mix mine with a plain  cereal such as corn flakes. This seems to balance it out.

Another fantastic product from Glebe Farm. 

One I have bought several more packets of as well….

Review: Schar Salti crackers

Free From Products

I used to really enjoy Ritz biscuits prior to my diagnosis.

Schar have kindly introduced a gluten free version!! 

These are an amazing salty type cracker, absolutely perfect with non cow dairy cheese alternatives (I love soft goats cheese) or Sainsbury’s new new dairy free cranberry Wensleydale. 

The packet is fairly large, unfortunately easy to tear. So might be worth chucking them into a tub. 

Not a great deal to write about these, but they are brilliant for a quick snack by themselves or with a topping.

I’ve purchased them from Kaisers in Berlin and large Tescos here in the U.K

Review: Neals Yard Gluten Free Muesli

Free From Products

I remember when I first got diagnosed with coeliacs, Holland & Barrett was a place I could go to and buy items other than the standard vacuum packed ‘bread’, and cornflakes most supermarkets ranges consisted of.

However supermarkets now have much better ranges (and are cheaper) so it’s been a while since I’ve been to one. I went for a nose when in town a while ago and was left disappointed.

They appear to have stopped all their gluten, dairy free cheesecakes and I couldn’t find the goats milk ice cream I used to get.

There were a few expensive biscuits and cakes and a couple of cereal items. Of course I picked up a bag of muesli, the fact that it was sold in a 1kg bag was fab! Much better size than the alternatives elsewhere.

I love the fact that it has all different sorts of flakes in this muesli.

Unfortunately I was left disappointed. The walnuts were rancid, not sure if they’d gone bad for this batch or if it’s just poor quality nuts they use in general.

A lot of the flakes were dry and tasteless.

I’ve quite a sweet tooth and this cereal just left a dry, rancid taste in my mouth. Occasionally sweetened by a raisin.

Well done for providing a decent sized bag, just unfortunate it does not taste great!

Will not be buying again.

Review: Tesco Chocolate Sponge Mix

Free From Products

I don’t tend to buy ‘kits’ for baking, as I love creating my own recipes. However I feel obliged to of course try these new offerings!

Tescos chocolate sponge mix, is a fairly easy kit to bake a cake short notice. Only other ingredients needed are some eggs, and a dairy free butter (I used Vitalite).

I do feel like there could have been marginally more mix in this pack. But it did split between two tins (just about)

There was not a huge amount of rise from the mix, once out of the oven they were two fairly thin halves. However once cooled I filled the cake with a chocolate icing. Before covering the outside in the same icing.

I’m not entirely sure how great the cake would be without a decent filling. But with the chocolate icing, this made a beautifully ‘gooey’ cake. 

It did need a fork to eat, as was so soft and ‘gooey’ with the chocolate icing. But the results were more than pleasing, especially since it came from a packet.

This was a last minute bake to take into work before a night shift, it went down well and as it is so rich, it goes far!!

Definitely a good product to keep in the cupboard, and worth buying if baking is not your forte!!