Review: Indian Butter Chicken

Free From Products

Finding a sauce that makes for a quick, easy meal when a coeliac and/or dairy intolerant can sometimes be difficult.

When I came across these pouches in the co-op store, I grabbed a number of these. 

Perfect for chucking in the pan with some chicken, Vitalite and then putting with rice.

What I did find was, that despite the pouch saying it serves four. One pouch did not leave a great deal of sauce after cooking for a while. Having the two pouches allowed for the chicken to be left simmering for a while in the sauce. 

An easy meal to cook up, and serve. 

The sauce is delicious, a buttery sauce full of rich flavour with a slight hint of a smokey taste that goes really well with the chicken.

Perfect for keeping a couple in the cupboard for a quick, easy meal.

I’ve found these in both co-operative and Tesco stores.

Review: Co-op Chocolate Brownies

Free From Products

A lot of gluten free brownies on offer in shops are not dairy free.

The Co-operative have quite a range of products that are dairy free as well as being gluten free. Their chocolate brownies are no different.

These brownies are little squares, so no need to cut them up to eat. However I tend to avoid looking at the fat, saturate and sugars bar on the front of the box as despite their small size they’re very high in those.

Whilst not quite the same as gooey, home made brownies. These brownies are rich with a strong chocolate flavour. There are also a number of chocolate chips on them.

They are very tasty.

Unfortunately I’ve only found these brownies at one co-op store. I hope that the co-operative start increasing their free from sections in smaller stores.

If you do find these, then definitely try them! 

Review: Tesco Free From Blackcurrant Cheese Cakes

Free From Products

Cheesecake, probably one of my most missed desserts as a coeliac and dairy intolerance. 

There were a number of frozen cheesecakes that were gluten and dairy free, that I fell in love with. However can no longer find any of these. Tesco have recently introduced their own branded frozen version, however this is unfortunately not free from dairy.

Due to this, it has been a while since I’ve had a cheesecake fix. Therefor I was of course extremely excited when I came across these chilled cheesecakes in the refrigerated free from section.

I’ll admit to being a little apprehensive once I’d got them home. I’m not entirely sure how a cheesecake can be made with oil and coconut milk. 

Packaging wise, there is two in a pack. The cheesecakes themselves come in two little plastic pots with film lids. 

There isn’t a great deal of dessert in each pot, and so these aren’t particularly great value for money.

The ‘cheesecake’ is a layer of a syrup’y tasting jam, which wasn’t particularly great tasting. The next layer was the strange tasting ‘cheesecake’ part. 

This pretty much tasted like coconut oil, but was still better tasting than the jam like syrup layer.

At the bottom of it all was the biscuit base. Nothing particularly amazing here, just a thin layer of crumbs.

Overall, I was rather disappointed. Yes it’s a vegan cheesecake that suitable for coeliacs and those who can’t eat dairy or eggs. However, it’s not cheap and it’s not a cheesecake.

I’m sorry Tesco but these were a disappointment. I will not be trying them again!

Review: Tesco Golden Syrup Pancakes

Free From Products

Tesco’s free from range is now easily marked up, to show what products are free from.

These pancakes are easy to spot as being gluten, wheat and milk free. 

The pancakes are also freezable, so easy to keep some in the freezer as a handy snack.

The pancakes come in a pack of six. They are thick, and actually hold together well. The golden syrup flavour is not too strong, there is just a hint of it. However I have found they are not too sweet to have with jam.

I love pancakes, and these are definitely no different. Cheaper than other branded versions, Tesco’s have produced a nice tasting product.

I tend to have mine coated in lots of dairy free butter (Vitalite), but have recently tried them with alternative toppings.

An amazing one, was bacon and maple syrup. Not healthy, but amazingly good.

Free from aisle’s: Co-op 

Free From Products, Shopping

I’ve been taking pictures of free from aisles when I go to places with great selections. 

I thought I would start a new category for this, and potentially it might help people find places that have lots of choice!

Brightlingsea – Essex

This pic I took a while ago, however the range stays fairly similar with occasional new options. 

This Co-Op is not a huge store, but actually has a decent range of items. They have lots of things that aren’t sold in the other supermarkets, from less well known brands. Definitely worth popping into, if you’re that side of Colchester.

Hullbridge – Essex

I just popped into this one, on the off chance as needed to grab some milk on route to somewhere. Unfortunately a very limited selection, although a few useful bits in an emergency!

Review: Costa Gluten Free Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry Wrap 

Free From Products

Days out can be frustrating for coeliacs or those who are dairy intolerant. Grabbing something ‘on the go’ is no easy feat!

Especially not from small cafes, coffee shops etc.

Luckily for me the Christmas season brings with it Costas seasonal foods. One of these being a gluten free wrap which also ended up being dairy free as well!!!

This is not a cheap option, expect to leave Costa with little change after a small lunch. Also found very limited stock in certain Costa’s.

The wraps, are small and light. Just the right amount of filling with a good flavour combination.

Don’t expect restaurant style quality, but a good option for grabbing something on the go.

Unfortunately you may have to wait until Christmas season starts again to get your mitts on one of these!

Review: Tesco Chocolate Sponge Mix

Free From Products

I don’t tend to buy ‘kits’ for baking, as I love creating my own recipes. However I feel obliged to of course try these new offerings!

Tescos chocolate sponge mix, is a fairly easy kit to bake a cake short notice. Only other ingredients needed are some eggs, and a dairy free butter (I used Vitalite).

I do feel like there could have been marginally more mix in this pack. But it did split between two tins (just about)

There was not a huge amount of rise from the mix, once out of the oven they were two fairly thin halves. However once cooled I filled the cake with a chocolate icing. Before covering the outside in the same icing.

I’m not entirely sure how great the cake would be without a decent filling. But with the chocolate icing, this made a beautifully ‘gooey’ cake. 

It did need a fork to eat, as was so soft and ‘gooey’ with the chocolate icing. But the results were more than pleasing, especially since it came from a packet.

This was a last minute bake to take into work before a night shift, it went down well and as it is so rich, it goes far!!

Definitely a good product to keep in the cupboard, and worth buying if baking is not your forte!!