Review: Tesco Brown Bread

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Bread is one of those things that most coeliacs have got used to eating, whilst it crumbles to pieces. 

A number of gluten free options are dry, or weak and fall to pieces. There are certain brands whose bread is so full of holes that you can’t even toast them properly.

Unfortunately most of us do settle for this second rate bread, merely because it’s a relief to get an option of it!

When seeing a new type of loaf, I will of course try it!

Tesco brought out this sliced brown bread, with a crispy looking crust, that actually looks fairly solid.

One of the more noticeable things about this bread from the outset, is it’s a lot more solid and intact than other brands. 

The crust is much crunchier, and when toasted gives an actual decent crunch. 

I’ve tried quite a number of free from loaves, and this is definitely by far one of the best! 


Review: Schar Landbrot

Free From Products

I love Berlin, and Berlin seems to love Coeliacs!

What is always great is trying new things, and bringing some of those back with me!

One of these being Schars Landbrot. It’s one I’ve bought several times whilst out there.

It’s a great bread, that holds together well (and fit lots in!!!) 

If in Berlin as a coeliac it’s a good staple, that can be bought from Kaisers and a number of other places.