Review: Honest burger – London

Eating Out

I was introduced to Honest burger a number of years ago, since then they’ve opened up at further locations throughout London.

The most handy of these is the one near Liverpool Street station.

Being a couple of minutes walk, it is well worth the train journey out of Essex to get a delicious burger AND onion rings.

Honest don’t have an extensive menu, there is a few different options to choose from. But every one of these is delicious and done well.

It is most fantastic for a coeliac to hear when asking for a gluten free bun, that they query if your dietary requirements are an intolerance or an allergy with an understanding of coeliacs as well.

The best bit is hearing that the only item of gluten they have in the kitchen is the standard buns, and these are kept separate from everything else. The friers are a completely gluten free zone and their onion rings and chips are gluten free!!!

The chips come included with the burgers, and they are rosemary and sea salted chips which are amazing!

This burger was one of their specials, which was a ‘Tribute to bacon’ and included extra thick cuts of bacon, burger, bacon ketchup and a bacon gravy on the side.

Honest burgers are one of the best burgers I have ever tried, they are so rich and full of flavour.

The service is always friendly and quick, and the prices are actually really good, especially for London.

If you’re a coeliac and you’re missing having decent burgers, then you must go to Honest.


Gluten Free in Toulouse


Berlin has truly spoilt me as a coeliac, and so I find it is all too easy to want to stick with Germany as a holiday destination. France was not an option I had really considered, when I think of France my mind conjures images of baguettes, croissants, cheese’s etc.
On top of this, my German speaking skills just about get me through whilst there. My French however, is nothing to shout about. The tiny amount I remember from school, is not particularly helpful (I don’t think anybody wants to know what my favourite school subject used to be)
Trying to find a cheap last minute holiday, left limited choices. Toulouse seemed like the best option, which left me with the difficult task of finding places I could eat and buy food from.
Landing quite late on a Thursday, meant food shopping was not an option.
The next day we had an Escape Room booked (would definitely recommend) after this it was a case of wandering around to try and find a place I could get some food items from. Randomly stumbling across a ‘Biocoop’ on the Boulevard Lazare Carnot. This is effectively an Organic food shop, it was similar inside to Holland & Barrett here in the U.K.
Next was the dreaded hunt reading ingredients in French and hoping I could spot any ‘bad’ ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of shelves all containing food items that were ‘Sans Gluten’, a lot of these products also had English ingredients on the back. The ones that didn’t were fairly
straight forwards to read.

There was a very large selection of cakes, biscuits, cereals, pastas, breads etc. In fact there was more in this shop than there is in most smaller Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s etc here.

I refrained from buying too much at this point as I had read about a shop that was meant to be brilliant for gluten free. ‘Parapharmacie Lafayette’ was mentioned on a few gluten free blogs, naturally we headed here next.
Walking into the shop we were stopped by a security guard who ushered us to what appeared to be a ‘cloak room’ for bags, we were made to give over our bags, and in exchange get a number tag (yes, like a night club) this was extremely odd and left us feeling a bit perplexed at why we had to deposit our bags into this cloak room, and yet some people were strolling round the shop with large handbags.
We quickly found the gluten free section, which again contained lots of pastas, cakes, breads etc.  I believe there was a better selection at the Biocoop than here, and at least there we didn’t have security guards making us feel uncomfortable (or have to hand our bags over.)
I did purchase a box of cereal from here however, which consisted of flakes and large pieces of dried fruit. Unfortunately I’ve now run out of this, which I am gutted as it was delicious.

Coming across a shopping centre on our walk back, we found another small supermarket (unsure what the name was it just had a picture on the front of the building) this had a limited amount of gluten free items. There was lots of bits scattered, around the shop with their gluten filled counterparts.
What I did notice, was unfortunately Cashew milk does not appear to be a thing, and it was a struggle to find dairy free butter.

Eating out, was the next mission!
Yard – La Burger Factory, was the first place I found with several reviews commenting on the gluten free buns etc. Being a huge burger lover, naturally this was my first choice.
The place was easy to find, being fairly near to the Cathedral and other food places. Take note, that it closes during the afternoon before re-opening at 19:00.
We ended up eating here three times, and had no issues getting an outside table immediately. There is limited seating outside, but a lots of seats inside (as also appears there is a downstairs level).
The menu, was all in french however with a little help from a translator on our phones we got what we needed. I went for a Staten Island burger with a gluten free bun. This one contained goats cheese rather than cow, and it was much easier going for one that included it (rather than trying to ask them to swap bits)
Service was extremely quick, and the burgers were quickly brought out not long after ordering. Burgers were served medium as standard, and were delicious. Three times, we visited here and the burgers were fantastic on every visit as were the chips.

There was a gluten free dessert mentioned on the menu, however I believe this may have been chocolate mousse. So not suitable for  those who are dairy intolerant.
Pastel et Sarrasin
The other place we ate out for lunch at, was Pastel et Sarrasin which was a creperie. We chose this one, as Sarrasin means buckwheat, and this place specialised in buckwheat galettes. The waitress assured me that their galettes are gluten free and made from buckwheat.
I went for a galette filled with goats cheese, sun dried tomato and pesto with a herb sorbet.
It was absolutely amazing.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how many items I found available to buy in shops. Eating out was a lot more difficult and I feel we were quite limited, but my lack of French speaking skills didn’t help this.
Unfortunately I did end up getting ‘glutened’ on this trip, by a bottle of wine we bought. So in future I will be avoiding the wines, however I would definitely recommend going for a place with a kitchen as there is lots available and I no longer fear the idea of going to France as a Coeliac!

Toulouse was architecturally interesting, and we loved walking around seeing the places. The fact that there was lots of places that sold gluten free items (even if only a couple of basics) was a huge plus.
In fact I found more convenience stores that sold a few cakes, breads etc here than back home.

Gallacher’s – Leigh on sea

Eating Out

Whilst trawling through places online that say they can cater gluten free, I came across Gallacher’s smokehouse bar and grill.

Having read the reviews for the place I was quite excited to go and check it out.

Parking could potentially be an issue depending on times, as it is based on the main road. Going fairly late in the evening, during the week, there was no issues.


Turning up to the place we thought it was closed, as it didn’t look very open. However walking in we were greeted with a nicely decorated place and friendly waiting staff.

The menu was all in one, with a big sign stating that the majority of their meals are gluten free. There were a few things that were not, but they said that they could change things slightly so I could have even more.


After perusing the menu (for quite a long time) I decided upon their classic burger with bacon and baby back ribs (without their normal sauce and done in hoisin sauce) all in a gluten free bun.

The food came out well presented, and looked delicious. To make things even better, it tasted as good as it looked (if not more so)


The chips were really good, and the burger, ribs and bacon combo were fantastic. It was also amazing to get a gluten free bun that held together and didn’t just disitegrate in my hands.

I will most certainly be going back, and many times at that.


The Lion – Leavenheath

Eating Out, Gluten free

Being a coeliac and dairy intolerant, can make eating a complete pain what with having to find food that is gluten, wheat and dairy free.

Quite often restaurants say they can cater for me, but when it comes to it. I end up with a normal dish minus all the gluten containing ingredients (often leading to some rather dull meals)

Being a big food lover, I am always on the hunt for places that go above, and beyond expectations for those with dietary requirements. The Lion is definitely one of those places. Set in lots of beautiful countryside, not too far from Colchester, it is one of the best places I have been to as a Coeliac.

Booking a table is nice and easy, with being able to do it by phone or online on their website. If booking online there is a section where I wrote coeliac and dairy intolerant.

Turning up, there is lots of parking and a separate bar to get a drink whilst you wait.

Every time I have been to the lion, I have had a lovely chap (believe he must be owner/landlord) who has given me the gluten free menu and then gone through each dish and explained what I could have, or what could be changed to make it dairy free. He knows every bit of his menu and exactly what it contains, really makes you feel relaxed that there isn’t going to be some ‘forgotten’ gluten ingredient.


I still find it bizarre to have so much to choose from, and it’s definitely a novelty to not just have the option of a steak or a salad!

Every dish I have had here has been beautifully presented, and tasted just as good as it looked. There is nothing I can find fault with. With food and service being spot on.

There’s even dessert options which is fantastic, if there is room left after starters and mains!


Absolutely brilliant pub, and fantastic for a coeliac, to have somebody who knows their menu so well whigh really dodd gI’ve confidence in eating there.

A place I will continue to go to, and one I wouldn’t fail to recommend.