Strawberry dairy free milkshakes

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Milkshakes are one of those things that I love as a treat.

I’ve always felt that there are two types of milkshake, the thick ice cream type and then of course the runny milky type. Either way, I love them…. and just can’t get enough.

As is in their name milkshakes unfortunately consist of a lot of dairy!

This poses a problem to those of us who are dairy intolerant, or choose not to eat/drink dairy.

Luckily for us, a few companies have produced options to keep us covered. Now I have found there’s more ranges/brands producing dairy free chocolate milk. Dairy free strawberry alternatives are a little harder to come by, but I much prefer this or banana to chocolate.

Ocado had two choices on offer in small carton sizes:


A dairy free alternative made from coconut milk. These are a long life, carton sized option which come in a pack of three.

At £1.49 it is the more expensive of the two, but not by a huge amount. Coming in three flavours which consist of strawberry, chocolate or original.

The cartons are tall, but thin which meant that they took up less room in the fridge or bag when taking to work.

Handily it is UHT so not necessary to keep in the fridge, however personally I think it really does need to be chilled before drinking.

The straw that comes with it is a collapsible type one, this can be a bit of a nuisance when drinking if the straw is a bit dodgy. As I had one carton where the straw just kept folding up whilst I tried to drink.

As for the taste, the strawberry taste is subtle. It’s refreshing and light and not too sweet for early in the morning.

However once swallowed I find it has a bizarre after taste, it definitely is not of coconuts. So I cannot work out what it is, but that’s then all I could taste.

Unfortunately this strange after taste put me off of them, and I found I was disliking the drinks more each time I had them purely for that reason.

These might be enjoyable for some, but definitely not me and will not be purchased again.


Next up was Alpro’s long life strawberry milk. Again, this comes in a pack of three with the two flavour alternatives of chocolate or strawberry. At the price of £1.35 from Ocado it is the cheaper of the two.

The Alpro cartons are pretty sturdy and I’ve taken them around in my work bag etc with no concerns over them breaking.

Again this drink is long life, so does not require being kept chilled. However to enjoy it best, it should definitely be cold before drinking.

On first impressions the Alpro strawberry milk is much sweeter, it was also thicker with a lot more flavour to it.

The main noticeable thing about this one compared to the KOKO alternative is that there is no horrid aftertaste. The sweet strawberry taste remains the same, and is nice and refreshing.

This drink will likely be the preferred choice for children, and it is definitely the preferred choice for myself.

I’ve continued buying this, and will continue to do so.


Review: Planet Organic- Paleo Granola – Caramel Apple Pie

Free From Products

Browsing Ocado for new products I came across the Planet Organic granola options.

At £6.99 they are not a cheap option, and definitely a treat as opposed to something you want a full bowl of each morning.

I decided to go for the Caramel Apple Pie flavour, a lot of the reviews on Ocado stated that there was too much cinnamon in this.

Me being such a huge cinnamon lover, I naturally had to buy some.

Completely grain and dairy free, this was a great option to try. It’s full of other good ingredients

The box is a simple, clean design. Showing clearly what it is free from.

The granola smells delicious, and there are lots of apple pieces running through it.

As it’s not a cheap granola I’ve been mixing it with another granola I have from Tesco (Deliciously Ella Nutty Granola) this has meant both have lasted much longer.

This also means the cinnamon is not as overpowering.

The cinnamon is quite strong in this, and if you are not a fan of the stuff then this granola is probably not for you.

The Apple pieces contrast deliciously with the cinnamon, and it is quite a filling granola.

There’s not meany ‘crunchy’ pieces like in normal gluten containing granolas.

But this is a delicious free from, paleo alternative.

Well worth the money but only if mixed with another granola, so it lasts longer.

I will try the other flavour alternatives, but probably not every shop and that is purely because of the steep price.

Review: Fria gluten free mini baguette

Free From Products

I’m in love with Fria products, found on Ocado. I have found their range of frozen items perfect for me.

Their rolls, mini baguettes and cakes are brilliant. I know I can always grab one out of the freezer, and not have to worry how long they’ve been in the bread bin for. Or check if they’ve gone stale or mouldy.

The Fria products all come in the same sort of packaging. Unfortunately they don’t do larger bags. These rolls come in a bag of four.

They’re pre-baked unlike other brands, so I can just take them out the freezer and either leave to defrost. Or I quickly defrost in the microwave.

The best thing about the Fria rolls is that they actually remind me of the smell of fresh rolls. They have a crunchy crust and soft inside and are as close to normal bread as I’ve managed to get.

Unlike with other products, they are sturdy and thick. They do not fall apart when trying to cut in half. These baguettes are full of seeds as well, for an extra bit of crunchiness in the roll.

Although not particularly large, they are the perfect size for sausages. 

These, and Fria’s rolls are one of my staples on Ocado orders. I sincerely hope that other supermarkets will start to get them in.

Valsoia Cherry & Cream Soya Ice Cream

Free From Products

For those of you who have read through my previous reviews, I recently reviewed a Chocolate & Cream ice cream made by Valsoia. 

After the utterly moreish experience with the chocolate & cream flavour, I didn’t hesitate on trying others.

Ocado have a variety of Valsoia products, these are focused on being dairy free. However a few of these items are also gluten free. Just be sure to check before tucking in, as things like the Ice cream sandwiches, or pizza will not be suitable for coeliacs (much to my disappointment)

My latest order from Ocado contained the Valsoia Cherry & Cream dairy free ice cream.

I knew what to expect, having eaten the other flavour on offer. But I was still excited to get the lid off of this delight!

On a boring note, the tub is much easier to access than others without risking broken nails. You simply push the tab down, then just lift it up.

Once the lid is off, you are greeted with a delicious looking ice cream.

Much like the Chocolate version, the ice cream was extremely soft, smooth and light. The cherry is not overly sweet, tasting like real cherries (as opposed to flavourings) and adds an excellent contrast to the ice cream.

It was too easy to eat a very large amount of this, and seeing as the tub is not on the extra large size…. I will have to ration myself! 

I am so happy to find a delicious flavoured dairy free ice cream, that also tastes amazing!!!

Valsoia Chocolate & Cream Soya Ice Cream

Free From Products


This year has been a good year for companies bringing out new free from ice creams.

I’ve definitely eaten far too much of it this Summer. Unfortunately for my waist size I have just come across this make on Ocado.

There were a couple of different flavours, but I opted for the chocolate and cream.

Inside were two halves. One side chocolate and one side the ‘cream’. I was expecting a tough ice cream so shoved my spoon in with some force, to be pleasantly surprised that it’s creamy texture scooped up easily.


My bowl of ice cream unfortunately lasted a very short amount of time. It was so deliciously soft and creamy. It was gone in seconds.

The chocolate flavour had small bits in it, which gave it an interesting texture. The ‘cream’ flavour reminded me a little of getting Mr Whippy ice creams when I was a child.

A fantastic dairy (and gluten) free ice cream. Completely different to any other options available.